Drawings + Paintings + Computergraphics + Web Design + Movies + Auditory Segments + Games + Projects and Miscellaneous

During the study and internships but also in private, I could engage myself creatively in many ways and create many different products.




Web Design

(Education- und Learnsettings WiSe2009)
The White Masai - Movie Analysis
(Audiovisual Communication SoSe2010)
Image Editing Tutorial
(Tutorial Guidance SoSe2011)
DragonCave - Community Analysis
(Research Methods SoSe2012)
Machinima Project
(Media Cultures SoSe2012)


Chinese Pasta Squares - CampusTV Segment (CampusTV WiSe2009)
Study with Child - CampusTV Segment (CampusTV WiSe2009)
Ice - CampusTV Segment (CampusTV SoSe2010)
Barbecue - CampusTV Segment (CampusTV SoSe2010)
Dragondinner - filmlet(StopMotion SoSe2010)
Why? - filmlet(Introduction to General Education WiSe2009 + VideoExpo2010)
Handicap - CampusTV Segment (CampusTV WiSe2010)
Chocolate - CampusTV Segment (CampusTV WiSe2010)
Bonnie & Clyde - Movie Essay (Movie History WiSe2010)
Portal - Video Game Essay(Video Game Essay WiSe2010)
IVE - Image Film(Image Film SoSe2011)
Uwe - filmlet (Medienwochen SoSe2011 + StudieMovie Festival 2011)
Cosplay - Role-theoretical Analysis of a Subculture - Documentation (Bachelorarbeit WiSe2014)

Auditory Segments

Drachendinner - audio drama (From book to audiobook WiSe2009)
Cosplay - radio report (Radiojournalism WiSe2011)


Feed the Dragon (Computergraphic SoSe2008)
Godtobe - NintendoDS Project (Software Project SoSe2008)

Projects and Miscellaneous

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